CASL Technology
Surrey Downs
South Australia
SA 5127
Tel (+61) 8 8288 7528
(+61) 466 390 197

About CASL

CASL Technology was started by former colleagues of the United Kingdoms Ministry of Defence research company, Dstl, to address the lack of integration when creating modern complex hardware-software systems.

Company Structure

CASLs partners are very lucky in that they are expert in their relevant areas, but also know enough of other areas to converse productively, or as is often put, enough to be dangerous.

CASL also has contacts with many engineers and can call on these to contribute to our own or external projects. However, CASL takes the view that we wouldn't let anyone work for our customers that we wouldn't let work for us.

Core Values

Integrity - CASL deals with people honestly, delivering what they promise and not promising what they can't deliver

Value for money - CASL doesn't want to treat it's customers like a cash cow, we want to work with them and ensure that we provide genuine value for money.

Quality - CASL seeks to the best job it can - this means using the right tool for the right job. We don't have one particular skill set and try to fit it to everything.

Innovative - CASL doesn't want to reinvent the wheel, we want to create new, better solutions to problems. CASL has a strong internal drive on independent product research to ensure we are trying to revolutionise the problem space of anything we are interested in.

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CASLs core drive is to do things right and to use the right tool for each job. We don't have narrow skills we try to apply to every problem, instead we can bring many different technologies together blending them into a better solution.