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CASL has been working on Atmel AVR programming using the excellent Arduino rapid prototype platform. Conveniently we’ve been using www.freetronics.com supplied boards as we could source them at Jaycar, just a few minutes drive away.

My own previous experience has been some PIC solutions,and a bit of FPGA work (I’ve also got some really old stuff like 6800 and MCS48…) , so this was interesting trying out another processer architecture and the provided development environment, the Arduino IDE.

I liked the boards, I liked the prevalance of libraries but hated the IDE… I’m coming from a Visual Studio background or Emacs, so I’m used to actually seeing my errors and having some extra control.

It wasn’t long until I had Visual Micro Arduino installed in VS2010, but even that wasn’t great (good plugin, but still using the FDH toolchain of the IDE). So I downloaded AVR Studio.

Now, we were talking I was seeing warnings, errors and lots of new stuff. I’ve spent a bit of time now configuring up templates for Arduino development, cleaned up the libraries and made new additions to the core (fancy subsrcribing to Pin Change Interrupts? How about multiple subscribers to Interrupt handlers?).

I should be going back and doing a QA on the code, when that’s done CASL will release an AVR Studio template for Arduino boards and also look to push the architecture changes back into the mainline of the Arduino sources.