CASL Technology
Surrey Downs
South Australia
SA 5127
Tel (+61) 8 8288 7528
(+61) 466 390 197

Free Consultation

CASL is releasing this offer, whether you saw it on BizSpark or not, to enable South Australian companies to get an idea of what might possible when you talk to a company that has both hardware and software abilities.

We would love to come to your site and discuss what you do, if you have some specific ideas then we'd love to hear them. Our aim is to effectively nose around, find out what you do and then see if there might be some novel solutions we can offer to you.

We would be looking at ways that deploying technology in your company can give you a competitive advantage or profit increase. This may be just as simple as giving your internal infrastructure a boost and deploying free open source tools, right on to looking at a custom hardware and/or software project.

CASL will leave you in peace for a few weeks and then send back a report on what we found out. You may find the document interesting in itself since it will present a view of your operation from the outside, with internal insight.

We are offering this free, obviously we hope that you like what we send back and want to give us the opportunity to work together, but we will find it interesting to find out what you do.

Areas of interest

CASL is especially interested in:

  • Production environments - if you are making things we want to talk to you, we are looking to partner up for some novel solutions we have in mind
  • Engineering - we think some of our hardware capabilities might be applicable to your work
  • Mining - we'd love to talk to you about our integrated system abilities

Geographic Coverage

CASL is extending this offer to South Australia only, if you really want we can charge you for travel and accommodation and visit....

We are based in the Tea Tree Gully area, but are happy to go much further afield, it might just take a bit longer to organise if you are in regions like Port Augusta or Bordertown.


We hope to hear from you, just click here to contact us

The Small Print

None really. We might ask if you if we can use the report we do on our website, subject to alterations and reviews.

We reserve the right to rescind our offer to visit - but we don't plan to.

Our reports would be provided as is, with no warranty expressed or implied. CASL will identify any specific areas you may not use with other companies, probably because we think it's a great idea and might want to do it ourselves, ideas are our life blood!


We'll visit you, talk and observe, probably for half a day maximum.

We'll write a report with a summary and suggestions for what you might do and of those which CASL can do with you.

That's it!