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Most of CASLs work is for a specific customer, however here you can find links to our open products and project information here.

SmsDroidway Android Application

An Android based SMS Gateway, allows receiving and sending of SMS from your web service or application. The free version only receives, while the standard version can send SMS, finally the Pro version does all that and allows AES 128bit CBC encryption of incoming and outgoing messages for a high level of security.

Interactive Whiteboard Diagnostic Unit Hardware/Software/Backend System

This was a CASL funded development to create a diagnostic unit for a commercial item. The manufacturer/local distributer didn't have an installation or fault finding unit for installers.

Vehicle Monitoring Systems Hardware/Software

Because CASL has keen 4x4 off roading employees we created a line of vehicle monitoring systems. These configurable system can take in many inputs and monitor them, the come in several lines but can be custom built.