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Interactive Whiteboard Diagnostic Unit

This was a CASL funded development to create a diagnostic unit for a commercial interactive whiteboard. The manufacturer/local distributer didn't have an installation or fault finding unit for installers and CASL saw an opportunity.

CASL reverse engineered the hardware and electronics to produce a full system analysis, identifying the common problem causes in situ.

This analysis allowed the design of a hardware unit that can

  • Analyse board resistance and response to detect physical defects
  • Analyse in situ signals for determination of interference or level issues

This hardware unit communicates over USB to a PC controller program that leads the user through a wizard like interface to capture installation and problem data in a consistent format.

This report is then sent over email back to the distributor to allow streamlined analysis and processing of reports.

Improved value

The real benefit of this system was that through it use the end distributor and central distributor could:

  • Appear more professional through the use of procedures and diagnostic equipment
  • Reduce the time to test on site, saving money and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increase first fix probability. This means that the customer is happy and also that repeated visits are not required saving significant money.


Can we help you?

Does this sound like something your product could do with? In countries like Australia on site warranty visits can be costly with entire days of technicians time taken with travel and analysis. Each time you have to return you increase your costs and decrease your customer satisfaction.

Give us a call to see if we can reverse engineer your product and create a diagnostic system