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Vehicle Monitoring Systems

CASL has an ongoing project to create Vehicle Monitoring Systems (VMS) which monitor many aspects of your vehicles systems in realtime. We split these into Commercial (Prime movers and fleets) and Recreational systems (4x4 or performance cars).

In addition to realtime monitoring and alarming we also carry out trend analysis to create long term health monitoring, aiming to pinpoint heuristics that suggest a problem developing.

For all vehicle users predictive failure analysis can save money by avoid breakdowns in remote areas or when contracted for cargo movements.

Commercial Vehicles - Prime movers etc.

CASL has started to investigate development of commercial vehicle systems, primarily considering the Prime Mover or Tractor vehicles.

Looking around a prime mover shows a wealth of gauges that the driver has to keep a weather eye on, spotting the signs of an issue early can mean avoiding a breakdown or even avoiding an accident.

CASL believes that automated monitoring and alarming will significantly reduce operator work load and increase his situational awareness at the same time.

In the domain of owner-operators predictive failure analysis could make a significant financial contribution. For example you could spot long term oil pressure loss, mapped against engine revs and temperature. This could allow you to spot signs of needed maintenance and schedule it in during an expected lull.

If you are interested in being a test rig for our commercial systems we will be offering significantly reduced rates for customization and installation.

These systems are expected to cost less than $5000 for a medium to high end system so can represent the chance for significant savings from avoid losses.

If your fleet already has started to include VMS (or Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS) as it may also be called) then consider talking to us to provide a wrapper around their data so that your entire fleet produces the same data and can be imported into our analysis tools for fleet analysis.

 Recreational Vehicles - 4x4s, Performance cars etc.

Recreational users can find great value in having an automated system to monitor all the standard and also custom engine and vehicle parameters in realtime.

This can be as simple as warning when temperatures go too high to warning about a medium term trend indicating the loss of coolant before it becomes catastrophic.

We do a cut down system to monitor your vehicle and provide realtime and historical analysis. We can offer semi DIY (where you would be expected to customize sensors for your vehicle) or, if we have worked on the specific vehicle, a DIY kit that should (car manufacturers vagaries excluded) be simple to fit if still requiring a bit of mechanical skill.

If you are in the Adelaide area and are interested in one of these systems and we don't have your vehicle listed please contact us, we can offer reduced rates to create a new kit based your vehicle.

Supported Vehicles

Items in italics are believed to be compatible.

Land Rover
  • 300 TDi engined vehicles generally.
    • Discovery 1 [ Manual ]
    • Defender 110, 90, 130 [ Manual ]
  • 3.9 V8 GEMS engined vehicles generally
    • Discovery 1 [ Auto ]
    • Range Rover [ Auto ]
    • Defender 130, 110, 90 [ Manual ]
  • 3.9 V8 THOR engined vehicles
    • Discovery 2 [ Auto ]
    • Range Rover P38 [ Auto ]
  • 1.3 VVT engined vehicles
    • Jimny 2008 - current [ Auto Manual ]


Health and Usage Monitoring Benefits

  • Historical tracking
  • Export to PC for advanced analysis
  • Reduce driver loading
  • Holistic analysis
  • Predictive failure
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Maintenance tracking