CASL Technology
Surrey Downs
South Australia
SA 5127
Tel (+61) 8 8288 7528
(+61) 466 390 197

Data Acquisition

CASL has experience of data acquisition using:

  • National Instruments LabVIEW
    • an internationally recognised tool for rapid prototyping of data acquisition systems. Suitable for small volume or prototyping.
  • National Instruments hardware in Linux (COMEDI)
    • In cases where NI hardware is desired for prototyping but LabVIEW isn't favored CASL has experience in developing systems using the COMEDI drivers on a realtime Linux to acquire and control high bandwidth systems.
  • Custom
    • CASL can draw on our experience in developing low cost, simple acquisitions systems, often based around ADC, DI and PIC systems with a serial or USB input to a standard PC.
  • Custom & Control
    • CASL can go beyond just acquisition and actually produce complex controllers with data input, output and user interfaces. These can be completely custom with simpler LCD UIs to running embedded Linux with on board storage, networking and UIs.