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Electronic Warfare

CASLs team has unique experience in the realm of Electronic Warfare (EW) both in terms of Signals intercept (ESM) and Electronic Attack (EA).

With a combined experience of over 30 years in ESM, EW and EA for both the Naval and Air domains we can bring real world knowledge of applications and capabilities.

The EW System

EA does not exist by itself, it forms part of the system with detection, analysis, identification, evaluation and deception.

ESM systems provide the first process of this, detecting signals in the 500MHz to 18GHz bands primarily, though recent innovations has resulted in the needs to have the 33GHz and 90GHz bands under surveillance as well.

Once a signal is detected the system must then characterize it, focusing on pulse width, repetition interval, bandwidth and frequency. Complex libraries that nations spend huge time and money collating (e.g. UKs DEWDB or Australia's JEWOSU or the USA EWIRDB) then identify the signal as belonging to some known emitter.

From this emitter type the nation and likely platform can usually be determined, resulting in Neutral, Friend or Foe evaluation.

The signals arrival direction and time is noted, providing range information when used in high speed platforms or in linked systems.

Only once this process has occurred can the correct EA method be selected, modern radars and threats are no longer effectively stopped by simplistic barrage or pulse jamming. Instead EA will exploit features such as antenna effects, signal processing artifacts or more esoteric options.

Commercial EA

As outlined above to successfully use EA you must be able to detect and classify the threat first. Even having done this a commercial system would be unlikely to know what kind of data to transmit to defeat the system.

CASL has some novel ideas and extension of existing research which may make application of EA in the commercial realm feasible.....


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